Our philosophy is simple - Old World craftsmanship with New World technology, personally and professionally applied.

We enjoy our craft, which translates to the best products and service available. Tom Buell is the foundation of our continued success and advancement with 30 years of optical experience. That enthusiasm has passed onto his dedicated staff to ensure all our customers have an unsurpassed experience. Our store name invokes the idea that we only deal with sports-related optical items, however we also encompass everything from reading to racing for all of your visual needs. By listening to our customer's individual needs, we are able to outfit them for the best visual performance and comfort.

Visit us, and we will show you the difference.

Tom Buell

Tom Buell

Tom Buell

Tom Buell has been a practicing optician for 40 years and is the owner of Sportique Eyewear. Tom's approach to the eyewear profession emphasizes the diversity of eyewear options available to you.

Tom and the Sportique Eyewear opticians will provide you with personalized service and an unsurpassed product knowledge. These skills allow them to utilize, in an innovative manner, products to best suit all your lifestyle needs.

Your prescription will be transformed by the skills of master craftsmen into a precisely ground optical aid of the highest quality.

Tom's Sportique Eyewear also provides for your non-prescription optical needs, such as plano sunglasses, ski and swim goggles, bicycling eyewear, and many other types of eyewear for the active lifestyle.


Eugene DeMayo, O.D.

Eugene DeMayo, O.D. has practiced optometry for over 20 years, and has been with Tom's Sportique Eyewear for 20 years. Dr. DeMayo personally provides careful vision and eye heath care for adults and children. All examinations include testing of your binocular vision for distance and reading ,and inner and outer eye heath. Dr. DeMayo is certified in the detection and management of eye diseases, including dry eyes, infections, glaucoma, and cataracts. Many eye deseases do not noticebly effect vision until permanent damage has been done. A thorough eye health evaluation allows for the detection and treatment of eye disease before it damages your eyesight.

Dr. DeMayo's extensive experience in fitting the most technically advanced contact lenses makes it possible for many people to wear contacts who not able to previously. Contact lens prescriptions expire one year after your last eye examination. Your annual contact lens examination is a great time to get your lens prescription updated and make sure that your contacts are not damaging your eyes.

Dr. DeMayo provides vision therapy for the enhancement of sports vision and reading and learning problems, and natural vision improvement.

If you are interested in the latest laser surgical correction for nearsighted and astigmatism - PRK and LASIK - Dr. DeMayo is trained in the evaluation and co-management of these techniques.

Dr. DeMayo is a member of the Colorado Optometric Association, American Optometric Association Sports Vision and Contact Lens Sections.